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Perdi Welsh, Catherine Wager
The Veterinary Nurse, Vol. 4, Iss. 8, 28 Oct 2013, pp 452 - 459

Veterinary nursing has experienced the immigration of new concepts and terminology relating to human nursing theories for a number of years, many of which, such as nursing models and care plans, are now integral parts of the veterinary nursing academic landscape. Despite this, it is proposed by the authors that veterinary nurses are, for various reasons, reluctant to incorporate care planning into their daily clinical practice, resulting in the development of a theory-practice divide.
As there are published reports from veterinary nurses who have applied the Orpet and Jeffery Ability Model (2007) to their practice with successful outcomes, it is suggested that adoption of this veterinary nursing model provides the best chance of closing the theory-practice gap. When used in conjunction with the nursing process, the Orpet and Jeffery Ability Model (2007) can enable veterinary nurses to deliver a high standard of individualised nursing care to their patients in practice, in addition to further developing the profession as a whole.

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