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James Gasson, Catherine Wager
The Veterinary Nurse, Vol. 4, Iss. 6, 01 Aug 2013, pp 322 - 327

Surgical complications are an unfortunate part of both medical and veterinary practice, but many are considered to be preventable if appropriate measures are implemented. In human healthcare, one of these measures has been the introduction of surgical safety checklists (SSCs). With proven origins in aviation, another high risk industry, checklists have been linked with the reduction of peri-operative complications and deaths in human hospitals by significant amounts.
Recognising that the core values of SSCs are equally applicable to veterinary practice, the Animal Health Trust implemented their use in November 2008. Since then, positive outcomes observed include increased unity among the multiple specialist teams working in the theatre environment and improved communicaiton of vital information regarding individual patients and surgical procedures.

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