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Claire Hargrave
The Veterinary Nurse, Vol. 5, Iss. 8, 27 Oct 2014, pp 468 - 472

Studies estimate that 49% of the canine population are affected by sound sensitivity, with fireworks and thunderstorms being particularly problematic. It is reasonable to assume that a large proportion of pet species will be similarly affected, particularly those from prey species (including cats, horses and rabbits) for whom sensitivity to changes in sound is highly adaptive. As a consequence, firework displays and thunder storms are a major welfare problem for the majority of companion animals. Yet the seasonal nature of the problem leads many owners to overlook the enormity of the issue and its potential to infiltrate into other aspects of their pet's life. This article aims to assist veterinary staff in providing practical guidance to all pet owners, ensuring that fewer pets are sensitised in the future, and that the welfare of pets with existing sound sensitivity is not further depleted.

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