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Nicola Bates
The Veterinary Nurse, Vol. 7, Iss. 6, 25 Jul 2016, pp 346 - 350

Lipid infusion therapy is the intravenous infusion of a parental lipid formulation
which can be used in the management of some toxic substances, particularly fat
soluble (lipophilic) compounds, such as permethrin and ivermectin. Although the
mechanism is not fully understood the lipid is thought to act as a 'shuttle' resulting
in redistribution of the toxic compound. Adverse effects from the use of lipid infusion
in the management of poisoning appear to be rare. Lipid is straightforward to
administer and a relatively cheap treatment option and should be considered in an
animal failing to respond to other therapies after exposure to a substance which fits
the criteria for lipid infusion treatment which is high lipid solubility, high volume of
distribution and short to moderate half-life.

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