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The Veterinary Nurse, Vol. 7, Iss. 9, 30 Nov 2016, pp 508 - 513

Parasitic nematodes that affect the respiratory system of felids are spreading in endemic regions and emerging in areas and hosts which were previously free of them. Recent reports of lungworm parasitoses caused by Aelurostrongylus abstrusus, Troglostrongylus brevior and Eucoleus aerophilus have stimulated an increase in scientific interest in the biology, ecology and epidemiology of these nematodes. The majority of literature dedicated to feline metastrongylid lungworms has been focused on A. abstrusus, mainly because it is the most commonly reported in domestic cats. However, this focus may come at the cost of overlooking emerging or less
common metastrongylids. This article reviews information on the three major feline metastrongylid nematodes, including their biology and treatment; there is an emphasis on the epidemiology of T. brevior to provide a better understanding of an emerging parasite of domestic cats in Europe.

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