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Georgina Grell
The Veterinary Nurse, Vol. 9, Iss. 9, 27 Nov 2018, pp 451

As I get older my beliefs get firmer and slightly more ridiculous. For example, I honestly believe that if I met Ed Sheeran we would become lifelong and inseparable friends; I also believe that one day I will get to compete in Strictly Come Dancing, a la Judy Murray. Now, while I choose to consider these as truths, I do admit that I would have problems convicing you of their validity, and indeed my own family would also undoubtedly greet these assertions with disbelief. The fact is, I have no evidence to support my beliefs, and I am aware that this lack of evidence makes my assertions seem downright daft! But, my beliefs are harmless, no lives are at stake, and whether they are true or not is not important - not so where human and animal health are concerned.

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