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Louise O’Dwyer
The Veterinary Nurse, Vol. 3, Iss. 7, 24 Sep 2012, pp 420 - 430

Nursing patients with burn injuries can be hugely challenging as the individual may have severe metabolic, cardiovascular and pulmonary derangements, not to mention large tissue deficits. A range of systems have been developed to classify burn wounds including percentage of body surface involved, through to depth of tissue involved and the use of these systems may help in giving a prognosis of the extent of the injury.
The treatment of burn wounds can start at home by the owner and appropriate early therapy can make a huge difference to the extent of the injury. All major body systems may be affected due to the nature of the injury and so early fluid therapy, analgesia, respiratory derangements, including carbon monoxide toxicity, wound management and analgesia need to be addressed appropriately. The close monitoring of these patients is vital in order to achieve a good outcome and so these cases rely heavily on good nursing care and attention to detail, so a good background knowledge of these considerations is essential.

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