Efficacy of silver-coated urinary catheters for reducing urinary tract infection in dogs

Indwelling urinary catheters are frequently used in practice, however urinary catheters have been associated with catheter-associated urinary tract infections in dogs. Antimicrobial coating of urinary catheters can reduce catheter-associated urinary tract infections through the initial prevention of bacterial attachment. Historical studies have identified the benefit of silver in reducing bacteriuria in humans. This knowledge summary concluded that no study was able to demonstrate that the use...

Capnography for the veterinary nurse

According to reports, small animal anaesthesia appears to be increasing in safety. However, greater patient care during the peri-anaesthetic period...

Canine and feline hypertension

Systemic hypertension is a common finding in small animal practice. It has been classified into three groups: situational (or white-coat...

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