Kirby's Rule of 20: the Veterinary Nurse's Critical Patient Checklist Part 3

Kirby's Rule of 20 is a patient checklist including 20 parameters that should be checked daily in the critically ill patient. It reviews the established evidence-based information regarding patient checklist use in veterinary emergency and critical care medicine. The list of 20 will be discussed over a four-part series to give an appropriate level of information and attention to each patient parameter. Part 3 includes: renal function, gastrointestinal motility and integrity, nutrition, glucose...

Brachycephalic ocular syndrome

The small brachycephalic breeds such as the Pug and French Bulldog are currently extremely popular. The conformation of these breeds is part of their...

Thymomas in rabbits

This article will look at thymoma recognition and treatment in rabbits. Medical versus surgical treatment options will be explored along with nursing...

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