How debriefing post cardiopulmonary arrest and resuscitation can be used to improve training

Debriefing is a form of discussion used in human medicine following significant events, such as cardiopulmonary arrest (CPA) and resuscitation. There are no studies in veterinary medicine specifically exploring the benefits of debriefing post CPA, showing known knowledge gaps. However, there are studies in training for resuscitation and staff resilience that mention debriefing as tools, and there are studies in human medicine that look at different types of debriefing and benefits. This...

Euthanasia: not an every day experience

Euthanasia can be a very personal and often dreaded time for veterinary clients. As veterinary professionals we carry out euthanasias on a weekly or...

Taking back control

At a time when our world is rapidly changing, in ways that we cannot control, it is more important than ever to lean in and be there for each other...

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