The Deaf Dog Network

The Deaf Dog Network is a group of people who want to help deaf dogs and their owners. They provide advice for training using force- and fear-free methods based on the latest science. Julie Hill explains.

Firework season 2021 — whizzes, flashes and bangs

With previously socially robust pets and younger less environmentally competent pets showing sensitivity to fresh exposures, it is important that people prepare well for the firework season. Claire Hargrave explains how.

Ensuring there is not a dry eye in the house

Powered by the VetCompass Programme at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC), Dr Dan O'Neill and colleagues analysed clinical data on 363 898 dogs to identify predictors for dry eye (keratoconjunctivitis sicca). Dan explores how veterinary nurses can use this information to help improve the welfare of dogs.

Summer parasite update 2021

Following a tumultuous 2020 which could not have been predicted, it was expected that 2021 would have returned to ‘normal’ by now. However, 2021 is still far from normal and we have the added complications of Brexit legislation now live in the UK. Drawing from information published in the ESCCAP UK & Ireland Parasite Forecasts and the ESCCAP UK & Ireland quarterly enquiry data, this article takes a look at how 2021 is progressing to date and identifies some of the similarities and differences...

Summer poisons

Spending time in the garden, in the countryside or by the sea can be present hazards to pets. Nicola Bates highlights some of the poisons that can affect dogs and cats spending time outside.

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