Summer parasite update 2022

The rapidly changing distribution of parasites affecting pets and the vectors that transmit them continues — this summer parasite update reveals what 2022 has brought so far, and suggests ways for controlling such parasitic incursions.

Animal Cancer Trust

The Animal Cancer Trust aims to be the first port of call for owners of pets with cancer, and their veterinary surgeons and nurses. Chief executive and veterinary epidemiologist Vicki Adams explains what the charity does and how you can get involved.

Feline osteoarthritis

This workshop discussed the prevalence of feline osteoarthritis (OA), how the nursing team can work with cat caregivers and the rest of the veterinary team to recognise and diagnose feline OA, and the role of the nursing team in the on-going management of feline OA

Introducing Microlyte Vet: a new generation of wound technology for optimal wound healing

It is not often that you stumble on a new technology that gives you a new perspective on wound care. With over 10 years of research behind it Microlyte offers a new concept as a ‘leave in’ product that combines the antimicrobial power of ionic silver with a hygroscopic film matrix that supports cell migration. This review covers the key points from the workshop, which introduced the science of Microlyte, its features and benefits and its potential applications illustrated across a range of case...

Dentistry for veterinary nurses: what you can see in the consultation room

Registered veterinary nurses provide the tools for oral care, whether that be in the consulting room or in a dental suite. It is their job to make sure owners understand the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene to help their pet live a pain free life. This is done through dental clinics and being confident in the products and services being offered. Veterinary nurses can educate owners on the facts of dental disease and help them understand that most of the dental disease is below the gum...

PFMA population data

The Pet Food Manufacturers' Association (PFMA) has released its annual population data, indicating there are a record 35 million pets in the UK in 2022. Pet ownership is at a peak and 17.4 million households (62%) own a pet. In the UK there are now 13 million dogs and 12 million cats, 1.6 million indoor birds, 1.4 million domestic fowl, 1 million rabbits, 900 000 Guinea pigs, 700 000 pigeons, 600 000 hamsters, 600 000 tortoises and 600 000 horses.

Parasite roundup for 2021

The year 2021 has proven to be another challenging year for UK veterinary professionals in many specialities, and parasite control has presented its own set of challenges. These have focused largely around the high numbers of rescue dogs continuing to be imported from abroad and the challenges of ensuring responsible parasiticide use in increasingly busy veterinary practices. Throughout, the European Council for Companion Animal Parasites UK & Ireland has continued to give parasite control...

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