Values conflict resolution

The values and personal beliefs of veterinary staff and clients can be a cause of conflict. Understanding how values contribute to conflict improves the veterinary nurse's ability to minimise and resolve these conflicts. This article describes the key issues of value conflict and methods for resolving such conflicts in the veterinary environment.

Internal conflict in the workplace

Conflict in a veterinary practice is generally perceived as between animal owner and veterinary staff, however this is limited research on the...

Nurse-led rabbit clinics

Nursing clinics are an excellent time to provide information to prospective and current owners about their pets. Rabbits are an often-overlooked pet...

Mask wearing in the veterinary practice

The clinical environment of a veterinary practice relies on personal protective equipment (PPE) for infection and biosecurity control, especially in...

Turning surviving into thriving

Are you coping, surviving or thriving at work? Are you aware of what makes a good day for you and what drains your energy? This article offers models...

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