Celia Walsom

The history of microchips and how legislation has progressed

Following lobbying from the Microchipping Alliance and other organisations and stakeholder groups, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) ran a consultation from 23th April...

Life once microchipping is compulsory for dogs in the UK

The same fines apply across all three sets of regulations for dog owners. The fine for someone illegally implanting microchips into dogs is £2500 in Scotland and £500 in England and Wales..

Only 6 months until compulsory microchipping comes into force

The Microchipping of Dogs Regulations for England were announced in October 2014, and outlined the responsibilities of breeders and dog owners once microchipping becomes compulsory in England from 6...

Microchipping: how legislation will impact your practice

‘Failure to comply with compulsory microchipping could result in a fine of £500 for the dog owner.’

Microchips, contact details and the veterinary nurse

Almost half of all pets found that are microchipped are still unable to be reunited with their families because their contact information is out of date..

The road to compulsory microchipping

Over 100 000 dogs are stray, lost or stolen each year and local authorities and welfare charities spend approximately £57 million a year in kennelling costs. Over half (52%) of strays cannot be...