Clara Macfarlane

Dermatology Nurse, Small Animal Teaching Hospital, Leahurst, Chester High Road, Neston.

How to use the practice microscope

To ensure the microscope is used to its full potential, it must be positioned correctly. Ideally it should be kept out on a bench and not be stored on a shelf or in a cupboard. It should be positioned...

How to perform ear sampling and undertake microscopy

Be aware that not all patients will tolerate examination and sampling of the ear while conscious; whether this is due to pain or being head shy due to chronic ear problems. These patients may need to...

How to perform a skin scrape

Selecting a sample site can be difficult. The chosen site should be an area of active disease, i.e. erythematous papules in cases of sarcoptic mange, scale in cases of cheyletiellosis and alopecia,...

Diagnostic approach to the pruritic cat

History taking is very important as it can help to establish some important points. Table 1 outlines some of the questions to ask. These will help formulate a differential diagnosis list..