Hilary Orpet

Senior Lecturer and Registered Veterinary Nurse. Department of Clinical Science and Services, Royal Veterinary College, University of London, London

Do ‘CARE’ labelled canine patients get a lower standard of nursing care?

A total of 390 registered veterinary nurses completed the questionnaire: 56% of respondents were in the 25–34 year age group, with 99% of the sample identifying as female. The majority of respondents...

Student veterinary surgeon support for and knowledge of veterinary nursing professional regulation in the UK

The literature supports the notion that VNs should be regulated by statute to protect animal welfare and the interests of the public. A credible example to guide veterinary nursing regulation would be...

The veterinary nurse and teamworking

‘Veterinary nurses must work together and with others in the veterinary team and business, to coordinate the care of animals and the delivery of services.’.

Writing patient care reports: author guidelines for VNs part 2

Veterinary nurses intending on writing patient care reports suitable for publication are advised to adopt certain academic conventions for the writing and formatting of their work. In particular, the...