Workshop write up: responsible use of parasiticides

Education of both veterinary professionals and pet owners is key. Veterinary nurses should stay informed by keeping up to date with the latest advances in parasite control and following...

Parasite roundup for 2024

Increasing numbers of imported rescue cats and dogs have been seen over the past decade with associated risk of exotic pathogens entering the UK..

Parasiticides in dogs and cats: a risk-based approach

There are emerging concerns that parasiticide use in small animal veterinary medicine is contributing to environmental contamination with pesticide compounds.

The NURVN: do you have them on your side?

The National Union of Registered Veterinary Nurses (The NURVN) is a trade union run by four RVNs – fighting for the rights of nurses, today and tomorrow. We have been slowly building our base of...

Reflecting back on 2023

As we reach the last issue of the year, I wanted to reflect on what 2023 has taught me about veterinary nurses. I started working on The Veterinary Nurse back in April, and since then I have been...

The risk of emerging infections in pets

Since 2020, there has been an increasing number of reports of B. canis infection in dogs. Most of these have been in dogs directly imported into the UK from Eastern Europe, or in close contacts of...

The Veterinary Wellbeing Webinar Series

The first night of the Veterinary Wellbeing Webinar Series focused on the topic of self-compassion and how this can be the antidote to perfectionism..

Diversity, inclusivity and widening participation: VN Futures campaigns 2023

Our first DIWP campaign of 2023 was centred around promoting veterinary nursing to those considering a career change or joining the profession later in life. We hosted a discussion panel, where...