I am a veterinary nurse

02 June 2022
2 mins read
Volume 13 · Issue 5

As I write this, VNAM has just finished, and I can't help but think this idea has truly come into its own. Everyone involved in leading and implementing the campaign this year should be commended on such a successful, and widely acclaimed initiative that is contributing to a vibrant community. I can remember a time many years ago when VNAM didn't exist. We didn't have visible role models outside of our practices and classrooms and while our representative organisations were working hard, messages were not instant and widespread as they are today with social media. Still, our young profession carved out a niche for ourselves and set the foundation for what the profession has become.

My identity back then was shaped by the fact that we had to be resourceful. Aside from a few journals and textbooks, we had little else to inform us when a challenging case came in. It was exciting, but also, isolating. Now, amazing cases and tips are posted online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Continuing education is affordable, accessible, and plentiful. With so many messages coming from far and wide, our identity has changed, it is multifaceted, with higher expectations, and diverse job roles. Our knowledge and community are growing fast but are we at risk of having a crisis of dissatisfaction as we compare ourselves to others?

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