The Deaf Dog Network

02 November 2021
2 mins read
Volume 12 · Issue 9
Karen Lawe devotes her life to helping deaf dogs via the Deaf Dog Network.


The Deaf Dog Network is a group of people who want to help deaf dogs and their owners. They provide advice for training using force- and fear-free methods based on the latest science. Julie Hill explains.

I became aware recently of a very sad case in which the breeder of a litter of puppies was advised to have three pups euthanased, simply because they were deaf. The breeder duly followed veterinary advice, and only discovered the Deaf Dog Network (DDN) afterwards.

It is too late to save the lives of those poor dogs — but I would love to raise awareness of the DDN among veterinary professionals. The truth is that deaf dogs can live happy, healthy, ‘normal’ lives, and the DDN offers support and practical help to owners, as well as helping find loving, suitable, forever homes for them.

Karen Lawe founded the DDN, after having had a puppy from a deaf mother. In case the pup turned out to be deaf too, Karen taught him hand signals. That pup grew up to be hearing, but Karen went on to develop an interest in deaf dogs, fostering many of them when she discovered how scarce foster homes are for them.

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