Veterinary Christian Fellowship: a grouping of Christians within the veterinary profession

02 October 2022
2 mins read
Volume 13 · Issue 8
Figure 1. Veterinary Christian Fellowship weekend 2022.


Veterinary Christian Fellowship (VCF) is a group of Christians within the veterinary profession that brings vet nurses and students from all denominations together in their faith. It has recently established a mentoring scheme, which provides space for veterinary professionals to share mental and emotional challenges in strict confidence.

Veterinary Christian Fellowship (VCF) is simply a grouping of Christians within and around the veterinary profession. It was formed back in the 1950s, at a time when the veterinary profession was still quite small, and a majority worked in mixed practice and without recognised nursing support. The first vaccine for dogs, against distemper and produced by Burroughs Wellcome, did not appear until 1959. Since then, the profession has developed and has come to appreciate the vital role of veterinary nursing and, likewise, VCF has grown to a body of over 850 people, predominantly in the UK but with about 80 members overseas, with nurses being significant contributors to the membership. The vets, vet nurses and the students from those professions plus others from para-veterinary occupations are drawn from all denominations, or none, but each member can declare their faith in Jesus as their personal Saviour and has a desire to share Christ's love through veterinary medicine.

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