British Veterinary Association. Mild spring weather potentially as dangerous for pets as extreme summer heatwaves, vets warn. 2023. (accessed 12 May 2023)

Watching out for warmer weather

02 May 2023
2 mins read
Volume 14 · Issue 4

The weather is finally warming up, after what seems like a very long winter. While I'm sure most of us welcome this, it is a good time to remind clients how to keep their pets safe in warmer weather and, surprisingly, recent advice suggests it is not just heatwaves we need to be aware of.

The British Veterinary Association (BVA, 2023) recently released new statistics that showed how during last summer's record-breaking heatwave, where temperatures reached over 40°C in the UK, vets saw fewer cases of heat stroke, burnt paw pads, sunburn and breathing difficulties than they did in the summer of 2018 – a year that was significantly cooler. Vets suggested this was because media coverage of the 2022 heatwave was extensive, making pet owners more aware of the dangers to their animals and how to protect them. I know I personally spent a lot of time frantically searching for information on how to keep my energetic then 8-month-old puppy safe last summer, with pre-6am walks becoming part of our routine to avoid the heat of the day.

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