Summer parasite update 2021

This time last year, the key themes were:.

Canine arthritis management and the new norm

‘I am my dog's advocate and I feel I can't do this effectively at present and I find that upsetting and feel it is damaging the vet-owner relationship.’ .

The importance of year-round flea and roundworm prevention in lockdown and beyond

All puppies and kittens are infected with Toxocara canis and Toxocara cati respectively, at or shortly after birth (Overgauuw and Van Knapen, 2013). This occurs through transplacental (puppies) and...

Parasite roundup 2020

No one could have predicted the hot topics for 2020. We expected a large focus on pet travel as Brexit agreements were confirmed and pet travel legislation was ironed out. The end of 2019 also saw the...