Christina Miller

Senior Registered Veterinary Technician, Russell Lake Animal Hospital, Dartmouth, NS, Canada

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Small mammal herbivores part 3: taking a dietary history and providing nutritional support

Taking a thorough history is a cornerstone of exotic animal medicine: estimates of the prevalence of husbandry-related diseases vary depending on the study, but it is generally agreed that inadequate...

Small mammal herbivores, part 2: nutrition for wellness

A brief discussion of nutrients and their role in the herbivore diet will provide the basis for understanding nutritional assessment..

Small mammal herbivores part 1: digestive system adaptations to a herbivorous diet

The selected species considered in this article are monogastric hindgut fermenters: they have a single, non-compartmentalised stomach, and a large caecum that is the site of microbial fermentation...