Inclusion, diversity and equality

02 July 2020
2 mins read
Volume 11 · Issue 6

As a gay, male veterinary nurse I am well aware of the need for better inclusion, diversity and equality within the profession. As a young man I struggled coming to terms with my sexuality. I didn't come out until my early 20s, and when I did come out to my work colleagues, it was liberating; most were supportive, although some were not and even made jokes at my expense. It was a deeply emotional point in my life, and I wish there had been better support from the industry. But, times have changed for the better over the 25 years since I joined the profession, and there are now many more resources and support groups available to those who struggle with either sexuality or gender variance.

Last year marked the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots (the first ever Gay Pride event); as part of this I joined Liverpool Pride, alongside other members of the British Veterinary LGBTQ+ group (

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