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Parasite roundup 2020

02 March 2021
9 mins read
Volume 12 · Issue 2
Figure 1. ESCCAP UK & Ireland's Four Pillars for dealing with imported or travelled pets arriving in the UK.


This article draws information from the European Scientific Counsel for Companion Animal Parasites UK and Ireland parasite forecasts, as well as other renowned sources to provide a roundup of companion animal parasitology in 2020.

This article provides a ‘roundup’ of parasitology related activities and events in 2020. Drawing from information published in the European Scientific Counsel for Companion Animal Parasites (ESCCAP) UK and Ireland parasite forecasts, recently published data and events of note, this article will identify the key themes of 2020 and analyse trends and interest from the public.

No one could have predicted the hot topics for 2020. We expected a large focus on pet travel as Brexit agreements were confirmed and pet travel legislation was ironed out. The end of 2019 also saw the tick-borne pathogens Babesia venatorum and tick-borne encephalitis confirmed as endemic in the UK, but this has governed little exposure in 2020. Instead, the three big themes of 2020 were:

With increased globalisation, the number of pets travelling abroad, to and from the UK, has increased year on year. This is a problem in itself, as it greatly increases the risks of introducing exotic parasites into the UK.

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