Protecting the title of veterinary nurse

02 March 2023
2 mins read
Volume 14 · Issue 2

The British Veterinary Nursing Association (BVNA) has released the preliminary results of their survey, which was open between 26 September and 31 December 2022. The survey’s purpose was to provide an overview of how those within the veterinary profession feel about this issue, plus how it may or may not affect them, their patients and the public. Members of the public were also surveyed separately, to provide more detail on the current understanding of the role of the veterinary nurse among the general public, and how they feel about the potential use of unqualified staff.

The ‘Protect the Title’ surveys were completed by over 12 000 respondents - 8302 members of the veterinary profession, and 3926 members of the public. The preliminary results showed that 97% of respondents support the BVNA’s campaign for statutory protection of the title ‘veterinary nurse’. This support is a vital step in the protection of the title, and although this is only applicable to UK registered veterinary nurses it provides an example, a blueprint even, for veterinary nurses worldwide that are not recognised or do not have their title protected.

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