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Turning surviving into thriving

02 June 2021
8 mins read
Volume 12 · Issue 5
Figure 1. - Adapted from Robertson Cooper (2016).


Are you coping, surviving or thriving at work? Are you aware of what makes a good day for you and what drains your energy? This article offers models to help you practically work through the elements of your day that you can influence to set yourself up for a good day regardless of the cases you see and the challenges you face.

Have you had a good day at work? It is a simple question, but how would you answer today? What makes you say that? What might make you answer differently?

We understand that being a veterinary professional is not easy and, in these unprecedented times of uncertainty, it can feel like we are being pulled in different directions with conflicting demands and expectations. In this constant environment of ‘busyness’, it can seem like our only solution is to try and keep up — we are simply surviving. Good days at work might happen by chance but they do not have to. This article will look at the practical ways that we can help ourselves and our teams to all have more good days in practice.

After reading this article, you will:

Note: throughout this article, we refer to ‘practice’ as work, however, not everyone reading this will be in practice and the tools and strategies are applicable regardless to your workplace and also to your role!

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